Friday, March 24, 2006

Camp Cromwell 23/03/06

MarkO's US Inf v. SteveJ's Falschirjager in 2000pts HTL. Germans chose to attack on a large crowded table.
Jim umpiring. (Anvers & Nick dropped in for a while).

This time Steve's Henchels kept on coming, though their effect was far from devastating & they went missing at the end when really needed.
The American Luftwaffe took out some of their own artillery, stopped the Henchels twice & finished off the German HQ at the end.
The US ambushes of Homeys & Stuarts looked scary, but were soon dealt with by a/tank guns & infantry.
The German infantry got to the objective, but was blasted back off it by US firepower.
Finally, about midnight, the US won by killing all the Huns over the centreline.

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