Thursday, March 02, 2006

Camp Cromwell 02/03/06

Pottery Road on Sunday

SteveP's Russian Inf defending v. Jim's Fucilieri in a 1500 pts Hold the Line.
The Ities used the terrain to cover their main advance on their left against the forward objective while they moved infantry forward on the other flank to get observers into place for the artillery, mortars & light guns in the centre. The Reserve Ivans got pounded by artillery and mortar fire as they moved up, then the Ities swarmed over the hill at the Ivan front line. The L6's and Pioneers cleaned up the 2 Ivan infantry platoons on the objective then destoyed the counterattacks (with the help from an awful lot of fire support). The T34s rushed over from the other flank and began systematically destroying the objective's new defenders, but the invincible L6s ignored them, left the light mortars and Capitano da Angelo to contest the objective, and hunted down the few surviving Ivan infantry & HQ. This caused Russian Morale Failure & gave the Ities victory.

Camp Cromwell on Thursday

2 v.2 Coys Death from above:
SteveJ & Ander's with Falschirmjager (1500 pts each) on a 8x6 table.
Jim (as Monty) with Barrie's Brits & MarkO's Indians (1500 pts each).
After the usual confusion of an air landing the Huns sorted themselves out & began to advance on a neat Alllied line which had received few reinforcements (though what they got came in safely from behind their own line). The Luftwaffe came often, the RAF hardly at all, but damage from above was slight. Eventually the late Allied reserves showed up in the Hun rear, obviously delayed by their long flank march. The Bugs and tanks went on a rampage in the rear area, but Steve's attack took an objective with no Indians close enough to immediately dispute it. The Allied fired every tube they could muster at the Huns on the objective, HMGs, mortars, artillery, AA, rifles & finally 3 long range shots by the Grants got the last one. Anders attacked the other objective & pushed back the Indian defenders, but Mark's counterattack destroyed the platoon. That was the last throw of the dice for the Huns, both Coys fell below half strength & although passing morale were out of steam & at 11pm the Huns conceded. After a slow start, it got exciting in the end as the Huns tried to grab an objective before the Allied reserves could win the game.

SteveP's Russian Inf v. MarkW's Panzers:
Russians defending a HTL on a 6x4 table.
The KV ambush took out the MkIV specials, the Big Guns took out the MkIV shorts, then the Kvs mopped up the MkIIIs.
Russian losses = 4 teams. You just don't seem to get enough German armour for your points.

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