Thursday, April 06, 2006

Fort Floriet 04/04/06

Last week was a panzer refitting nigh this week 4 players arrived keen to play!

Table 1.
Newbies Free for all was diced and, aggro’s non-historical German grenadiers, with 3 tigers??? fighting against a British light armour force of 1500pts.

Both players had fun the inevitable German win but some British tanks almost captured the left hand objective before conceding the game.

Table 2
King of the hill was diced 1500pts Chris DAK Armour vs. Doug Free French Armour.

Chris started with Recon, and Medium tank command on the table. 3 Panzer platoons had to come on as reserves.
Doug started with 5 Stuart lend lease platoons and a platoon of M10’s an awesome and imposing sight.

Turn 1: Chris decided not to attack waiting for reinforcements armoured cars advanced.
Doug advanced the horde of Stuarts (French?) sprung M 10’s out of ambush early but was unlucky only bailing Rommel and an F1 which both stayed bailed for another 3 turns. No air support this turn for the frogs.

Turn 2: Chris got lucky 2 medium tank platoons arrived on the Frogs right flank and took out 4 Stuarts. The armoured cars shot up a jeep, brave lads! And Rettimier got a shot off before the M10’s ducked for cover.
Doug consolidated his position on the hill and chased off the armoured cars, which ducked for cover.

Turn 3: A shooting between F2 & F1 vs. 2 M 10’s.

Turn 4: Panzer 3’s and 4’s finished off the rest of 1 Stuart platoon and destroyed a second. Rettimier picked off a Stuart, which had accidentally been left in full view.
Chris’s Honey platoon came on and killed 1 Stuart.
Doug got air power, which attacked his troops, and 2 platoons spent the turn waving at their own planes.

Turn 5: The panzers picked off 2 more Stuarts and an M10. The honeys finished off a Stuart platoon. The panzers took the objective and the French failed their morale check. 6:1 win to the DAK which surprisingly only lost 1 Honey.

Dice gods were in the Germans favour tonight!!!

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