Sunday, April 30, 2006

Camp Cromwell 29/04/06

Tunisian Campaign Battle #1

Pics of the German & Allied commanders deep in thought or curry.

Captn Fleming NZEF's report from the front:

Quite an interesting battle. Mark W. took the poms while Peter Moy took the Yanks. Dylan took the important dice throws (air interception). I should have let him throw the dice more…

In true Aussie Rules fashion, both sides considered that the umpire favoured the enemy. I know he bloody favoured them. He wasn’t in uniform, tho’, so I can’t call him a WHITE maggot. Maybe a dirty brown one! J

Initial set up was similar to Jim’s proposal with slight amendments for the Bofors (more forward to allow RHA access) and the RA staff team behind the hill. We only got into trouble when the Tigers ranged in on the 2lb’ers.

German set up was a massive attack on our left by the Falshirmjager (Sp.) with the tanks (Tigers added to Mark III coys) crossing the front to that side while the Mark IV’s, Nebelwerfers & recon kept the Kiwis honest. Surprise! Surprise!

I figure that they’ve got about 1,300 more points than us; about 6,000 them to about 4,700 us (by the time everything is on the table). Of course, we’ll both be whittled down some more before that happens (not all the Yanks are on yet).

All went well for the first 3 turns then Mark W. brought on the RHA. Steve J. somehow found a line of sight and a Messerschmitt got through and scratch one RHA battery (1 gun, 1 commander and two trucks routed, the rest died). A fals&*^%$ unit got too close to the 2lb’ers, who took out 2 bases with 8 shots (long arguments concerning lines of sight and who was/wasn’t concealed) and then tried to get outta there. Before they could move, the Tigers got lucky, after they moved the Nebelwerfers got a couple of shots in: scratch 3 2lb’ers (1 x 2lb’er, 1 commander & RA observer ran away).


Anonymous said...

Bloody poms ,why dont you let an australian command the troops.

Anonymous said...

Today german fallschirmjaegers acheived some major objectives in pushing the enemy back and relieving their advance on tunis.
German artillery fire was successful in destroying several units and will assist in routing several more soon.

Anonymous said...

Wimps, the lot of em!
.....Now, if you had used 6,000pts of Russians!!!

Anonymous said...

russians wouln't have hade a show
KVs t34s dont stand up to well against 88s.Particularly where the 88s are mobile .Germans have to much fire support.