Thursday, May 04, 2006

Camp Cromwell 04/05/06

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 04/05/06

A good turnup tonight: Jim, Anders, SteveJ, SteveP, MarkO, MarkW, PeterM, Barrie, Chris.

Tunisia Campaign

Battle #1 Part 2 - 6 turns to nightfall

The Germans appear to have decided that there wasn't enough time left to break the Allied line before dark, and were content to whittle away at the enemy. The Allies were content to hold the line, keeping their ambushes in hand (where they very effectively intimidated the Germans).

Final casualties for the day (after recovery of the slightly wounded & awol, repair of minor damage, etc.):
Germans: 5 Falschirjager, 1 Pioneer, 1 a/a half track.
NZ: 3 rifles, 2 2pdr, 1 Boffors.
Brit armour: 2 Shermans, 1 Grant, 4 25pdrs, 1 staff team.
US Inf: 2 Rifles, 1 Boffors.

A gain in material for the Germans, but they failed to break the Allied line. The Germans used the Tiger shuffle to great effect picking off Shermans, otherwise most of the damage was done by artillery & mortars. The Luftwaffe showed up twice tonight, once they were intercepted, the other time they tried to bomb their own troops (but were waved off).

That's the end of campaign turn 1.
Campaign turn 2 is the Allied move turn.

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