Friday, May 19, 2006

Camp Cromwell 18/05/06

Thursday at Camp Cromwell: Tunisian Campaign Battle #2

Chris, Stevesx2 & Anders with DAK Infantry defending hex D3
Nick, Peter & Barrie with US Mechanised.
The Allied attack was supported by US Armour, the Axis defence by the Carri Coy.

The DAK held a strong line with the Medjeedar River across the left half of their front and mines & wire covering the other half plus the fords & bridges.
The attacking US Coy was actually weaker than the defending coy, but they advanced on their right against the river and initated a duel between infantry, mortars & anti tank guns The reinforcements on both sides did not arrive until late in the day and did not become seriously involved.
The late deployment of the Diana ambush caused some grief taking out 2 half tracks & most of their crew, but one bogged on the shuffle and was picked off by Shermans.
Casualties were pretty even and quite light, most troops did not fire a shot.

After the battle the Axis had a staff conference and provided their T3 orders.
In this turn it seems we will have 2 battles - the Axis wish to counterattack in D3 plus their Panzers are to attack the Kiwis in F5.
They want to do the F5 battle first. The Kiwis were pulled back from the defensive line last turn and will now fight without minefields or ambushes. Everyone is looking forward to a fight in the open for a change - maybe we'll get some decisive action this time.

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