Saturday, May 13, 2006

Camp Cromwell 11/05/06

Camp Cromwell 11/05/06

Men O' War - Napoleonic Naval

HMS Rectum (2nd rate), HMS Enema (3rd rate), HMS Constipation (3rd Rate) & MHS Hernia (3rd Rate).
Admiral Gandy in command
Le Chochon Noir et La Fifi (both 2nd rate) under L'Admiral Jendrich, plus
La Sacre Blu et La Madonna avec les Boobies Grande (both 2nd rate) under L'Admiral Moy.

The British had both broadsides double shotted at the start and suffered from long range Frog fire as they closed into close range. But they had a big stroke of luck when the wind changed to give them the weather guage as the fleets closed. This allowed them to pick on Admiral Moy's squadron while Admiral Jendich potted away ineffectually from long range downwind. A couple of close range double shotted rakes from the Rectum hurt Moy's ships bad. La Madonna tried to board the Constipation to fight her way out of trouble. They won the first round but raking broadsides from Rectum & Hernia tipped the scales and La Madonna struck. Soon after Sacre Blu has grappled by Hernia & also struck.

Admiral Jendrich's squadron was still in good shape and while Couchon Noir kept most of the enemy busy Fifi pounded the already weakened Enema. Enema was a mess, but then the Couchon Noir blew up finishing the battle. Fifi made her escape.

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