Saturday, May 13, 2006

Fort Floriet 12/05/06

Friday at Fort Floriet

Jim's Russians v. Chris' Fins in 1500 pt Hold the Line, Fins defending.
The Commie hordes swarmed forward, with mortars & a/tank guns moved up just in range of the objective to give covering fire.
The Fins formed a forlorn line of infantry & HMGs stiffened with 2 recycled KVs.
The usual stuff - balk Russian casulatied, but not enough to stop them.
The KVs survived a rain of long range 57mm a/tank fire, but in the end were done for by Commo Pioneers.
The Fin supports were slow to arive & then were delayed further by being pinned by the Commo airforce. They just didn't arrive in time so the remnants of the Commo infantry took the objective.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the Finns had 3 platoons deployed to stop 1500pts of russians.

The first reserve arrived turn 3 then got pinned for 3 turns.The second reserve came on on turn 5 and overtook the first neither made it to the objective :(

A no win situation for the Finns. I will tweek them to get that 8th platoon.