Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Fort Floriet 30/05/06

Chris' DAK Recon v. Jim's K&C Brit Infantry
Hasty Attack scenario, DAK attacking on desert terrain from Desert Rats.

The DAK had 4 x two car A/car platoons, Marders, 88s, motorcycle platoon & 105s + limited air.
The Brits had 3 inf plats, HMGs, Matildas, Bren Carriers with .50 cals & a big 25 pdr battery.
Starn & Correen also present.

The scenario is a variation on the HTL. One objective was well protected by the 25 pdrs. The other was placed by the Huns just forward of a ridge that made it hard for the Brit to support it's defence. The Brits were fortunate early with their reserves coming on quickly, but they needed them to with the flat desert floor allowing the DAK armoured cars to zap forward at amazing speed.

The first attack of the a/cars was contained by infantry & HMGs until the bugs & Matildas arrived. The motorcyclists were too brave and got mowed down, but the a/cars proved to be hard to kill - they kept evading fire & when they did get hit, they kept saving (not only that, but with 2 car platoons they all had to be killed - no morale tests). The 25pdrs were pretty ineffective, the Germans having enough terrain to mostly stay out of sight on their chosen line of attack. The Luftwaffe came about every 3rd time as they should have, but were generally ineffective.

The a/cars took the objective fleetingly, but the Bugs & Matildas took it back. The bugs forgot they could evade & got zapped but the a/cars retreated from the Matildas as more Brit infantry came up. Then the turning point of the battle: The Luftwaffe bailed a Matilda & the Marders popped out and killed 1 and bailed another. The Matildas then failed morale plus the re-roll for HQ within 150.

The Brit infantry held the objective for a while but without support the a/cars whitled them down & the Brits failed army morale.

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