Friday, June 02, 2006

Camp Cromwell 01/06/06

Tunisia Campaign Battle #4

Campaign battle #4: Axis counterattack in D3 - Steve's DAK Mech + Carri v. Barrie's US Mech + US Armour

Overnight both sides were allowed a simultaneous 60cm redeployment (using sketch maps).
Barrie redeployed in a defensive stance - generally moving troops to the left.
Steve redeployed some of his Ities to the Axis right.

After some hesitation & general milling about, the serious action started when the Honeys moved forward to pick off some exposed armoured cars. Setting the tone for the night, Barrie completely missed hitting the A/cars. The Axis now woke up and rushed forward on their right. Infantry located the lanes in their own minefields and a Carri platoon and the Semo 47s advanced over the wire supported by the Dianas. The rapid evaporation of a/tank guns & Honeys caused a bit of a panic in the US camp. Infantry was withdrawn to safety and the Shermans sent across from the centre.

With the Shermans drawn away, the Axis now advanced on their left as well. The US Command Grant withstood countless rounds of 47mm before the Shermans arrived and saved it's bacon. The Carri & Semos were beaten off by the Shermans, but Dianas & Lancias beyond the wire precluded any follow up.

Meanwhile on the Axis left, the infantry found the path though the minefields to the ford & the Carri crossed the river & crushed a path through the wire. As night fell, the Carri reached the US Armour supply marker.

Casualties were not heavy, but nevertheless it was a decisive Axis victory with the US having no choice but to retreat into E2 overnight.

After recovery the total losses over the 2 days of fighting in the hex are:

US: 4 rifle, 2 smg, 2 HMG, 2 37mm, 1 H/track, 3 Honeys, 1 Grant.
Axis: 3 inf, 1 2.8cm, 2 Pak 38, 1 Semo 47, 2 M14, 1 Diana

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