Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Fort Floriet 13/06/06

Fort Floreat 13/6/2006

Starn & Corinna, Doug, Mike (Italian), James and Chris attended this week.

Table 1. Breakthrough 1500pts
Corinna (Tactical advisor Starn) Grenadiers vs. Doug SS Armour

Details of the battle are a bit sketchy but the SS Broke through and defeated the grenadiers in a narrow 4-3 victory.

Table 2. FFA 1500pts.
This was a first up game for these guys with Chris refereeing.
James Brat Light Armour vs. Mike Italian Bersaligari

A bloody first encounter the Italian armour advancing on both flanks the Brat armour moved to intercept. The crusaders with their 2pounders struggled but held their own vs. the Carri and Semo 47’s. A long slog, the Italians lost an infantry platoon, their Semmo 47’s and light 20mm tank things. The British lost 2 crusader platoons and a universal carrier, and another crusader.

As night fell over the battlefield both commanders decided to retire to lick their wounds. Both Generals enjoyed themselves and are hoping for a rematch next week.

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