Saturday, June 24, 2006

Camp Cromwell 22/06/06

Continuation of Tunisia double campaign battle.

Nick, Barrie (short time), Peter & Mark v. SteveJ & SteveP. Jim & Leigh umpiring.

In the pass the Brats were held at bay by the FJ's reaguard. They weren't game to advance in the face of dug in HMGs & 88s.
On the main front, the US tried to assault the Pioneers on the ridge but failed & fell back.
The last MkIII fell to the M10's and another MkIV* was over-run by GIs after being bailed by a bazooka.
The Panzer Coy failed coy morale when it lost the last armoured car (having lost HQ) and became pinned.
The battle continued untill nightfall with artillery bombardments & long range sniping which the Ities got the worst of.

Total Casualties for the day's fighting (2 nights):
The Allies did best in casualties, though the Axis managed to hold their LoS so it could have been a lot worse for them.
US losses: Mortars: 4K,HQ ran. Inf 1: 5K, Inf 2: 4K, Inf 3: 2K+BK, HQ: 2BK, Weapons plat: 1LMK
Brit Armour: Shermans: 3K.
Brats in the pass: 3 inf K.

Panzers: AC: 2K, PzIV*: 3K, PzIV: 1K, MkIII: 1K, Neblewerfers: 3htK, 1nbK, rest ran away.
Ities: A/t: 3K (hq ran), HMG: 3K (hq ok), Mortars: 3K, obsK(hq ok), Art: 2K, L6 1k

Yellow cards: P.Moy

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