Saturday, June 24, 2006

Fort Floriet 20/06/06

Starn & Corinna, Doug, Chris and James Scott attended this week.

Table 1. Hold the Line 1500pts
Corinna Russian Infantry vs. James Scott British Armour

James playing his second game attacked in a hold the line. James attacked up the left killing the Russian 57mm guns before they could do damage. Corinna sprung the Matilda ambush to replace the lost AT guns James then switched the attack to the right while his grants demolished the Matilda platoon over 5 turns at long range.

Unfortunately the SU 122’s and Russian hordes decimated the British Crusaders. The Brats lost their C in C and then auto failed company morale.
4-3 victory to Corinna.

Table 2. FFA 1500pts.
Doug’s newly refitted French (July1943) infanterie company defending against Starn’s Grenadiers Company.

This was the first time the French had taken the field at Ft Floreat. The first game was fairly short and savage – mainly because the dice god’s had deserted Starn big time, and the quick snatching of the objective by the M10 platoon.
Victory to the French 5-2.

Replay FFA 1500pts
The re-fight turned out to be a fairly bloody encounter. The French were now the aggressor after their morale boosting first game win. French infantry advanced on both flanks, the M10’s moving around the town on the right flank to engage the Tiger and accompanying Panzer III. Successful hinting saw the Tiger bailed out, but the Germans quickly regained their composure and took out one of the M10’s (who failed their disengage roll). The remaining M10 stayed bailed for 6 turns and was repeatedly shot at by the Panzer III, taking several hits (12+) but the crew never left the safety of their vehicle until the final fatal shot (This vehicle is now being replaced by the newer Swiss cheese version!).
Seeing the destruction of their comrades the infantry holding the town advanced their bazooka teams in a determined effort to remove the two German tanks while the other M10 platoon systematically destroyed the Nebelwerfer battery and the 88mm gun that was protecting the right-hand objective. A quick dash by the M10 platoon saw one M10 destroyed by the now hunting Tiger, but they managed to neutralise all German infantry anywhere near the objective – making victory seem certain.
In the final turn, the Tiger, unable to see the last M10 fired at and destroyed a helpless jeep crew (failed to disengage – brave or stupid?), forcing the platoon to take a morale check. Fortunately their resolve never waived and they finally held the objective uncontested.
Victory to the French 5-2

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