Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pottery Road 21/06/06

Jim's Fucilieri v. SteveP's Russian Guards: 1500pts FFA.
The table was diced for using Za Stalina and was mostly open plain.The Russians had 2 Guard platoons, 5 T34s, Artillery, Pioneers & Limited Air.
The Ities had 3 small Fucilieri, Light Mortars, Med Mortars, HMGs, Light Art, Heavy Art, A/t & Guastatori.
The Russians attacked on their right with their strongest infantry with the tanks in reserve behind. On their left they put in a pinning attack.
On their right the Russians swarmed forward under a storm of ineffective fire. The front line Fucilieri evaporated on contact, but the Russian advance shuddered to a halt under the fire of the Light Mortars as the 1's & 2's started appearing in the Russian saves.
The T34s were spooked by the 75/39s and not used effectively & a Fucilieri counterattack finished off the Russian infantry & command.
On the Russian left their attack was stopped by firepower and finished off by a Guastatori counterattack.
The Russians failed Army Morale having lost 2 inf, pioneers & HQ.
The Sturmovics came only once and acheived little. The Heavy Artillery pretty well neutralised each other.
The Russians failed to use their armour effectively & Italian firepower that won day.


Nick said...

In defense of Steve, I have found Russian tanks very hard to use. Hen and Chicks cripples mobility. They die if an AT gun can see them. And they dont have any support like an 88 that can cover them in an attack.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments Nick but my mistake was 'not realising that Jim's AT guns had a range of 600mm. My T34's could have picked them off from range if I had bothered to check!
Another lesson learned!