Friday, June 30, 2006

Camp Cromwell 30/06/06

Tunisia Campaign T5 Battle in E6

Both sides reorganised overnight after last week's battle (& dug in).
The Axis lay doggo most of the day waiting for the Carri to arrive.
On battle turn 13 the Carri came onto the field & the battle restarted.
The Semos & A/cars swung around to the right through the gaps in the minefields made by the FJs a few days back.
Most of the Carri swung to the left using the gap made for the LoS.
The Allies fought a delaying action & called in the Kiwis as reinforcements.
The close terrain & minefields made it slow going.
The Regio Aeronautica came twice & got 2 105s & a Sherman).
The Axis made some progress but night fell before any decisive result was acheived despite the slow arrival of the Kiwis.
Casualties are pretty close, though the Axis hold most of the contested ground.

Axis losses (before recovery): 1 MkIVF1, 1L6, 3M14, 5Semo75(2+cmdK,2R), 1 inf, 1 hmg.
Allied losses (before recovery): 2 M10, 1 Sherman, 1 Boffers, 2 105s, 4 37mm (3K,1+cmdR), 1hmg, 3 rifles.

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