Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fort Floriet 04/07/06

Fort Floriet on Tuesday

Michaels' 1500 DAK Recce + Jim's 1500 Fucilieri
defending v.
Chris' 1750 Brit Light Armour + Agro's 1500 Brit Light Armour
in a Bulge Scenario. (Doug also present).

The Axis deployed a front line of infantry (Ities in a village on the right, Germans in village & scrub on the left). The front line Ities ahd support of mortars & 65/17's. More inf, artillery & A/Cs in rear. 3 lots of a/tank guns in ambush.

The Brats were clearly intimidated by the Ities and they sent their tank swarm (9 bugs, 22 Crusaders & 9 Grants) down their right flank and up the centre.
Their double 25 pdr battery deployed on the rear edge.

First blood went to the Itie mortars which took out 3 25pdrs on their first shot. In their own private battle the mortars destoyed all the 25pdrs in trange, redeployed forward and all but destroyed the whole a battery. In reply the 25 pdrs got 1 mortar. The Axis artillery wasn't too hot either, 2 105 batteries did littel but bail the odd tank in the whole battle.

Bugs & Crusaders cleaned the Grenadiers out of the scrub & killed the Pioneers outside the village. The Brats then suffered badly from the 76mm A/T & Pak 36 ambushes, plus the 65/17s sniping from the flank. A wall of Grants destroyed the A/T & the advance resumed on the right. A Crusader attack on the 65/17s failed to beat them & a supporting Fucilieri counterattack finished off Chis's HQ platoon.

The Grants charged forward to a rear objective while bugs & Crusaders took on the A/Cs & Pak 38s (the last ambush). The Grants destroyed the FC Fucilieri on the objective, but the scrub got most of them bogged first, leaving them vulnerable to counterattack by A/Cs in the rear & infantry in front. The death of a Grant platoon caused Brat morale failure. A long hard fought battle as Bulges can be.

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