Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fort Floriet 25/07/06

Good turn up this week with Starn & Corinna, Doug, Aggro, James S, Chris & Rodney had his first game to be completed next week.Game 1.1500pts Free for All, Tank BattleJames Scott British light Tank Squadron vs. Rodney German Panzer CompanyThe battle is still raging the British have lost 2 grants and 5 crusader III's while the Germans have lost a platoon of 3 Marders and a Stug D.Using the version 2 rules the Protected Ammo helped the Germans hop back in to their tanks. The awesome firepower of 4 stationary Panzer III's (late J's) with 12 shots, was felt by the Crusader III's. (To be continued)Game 2.1500pts Aggro Grenadiers vs. Starn GrenadiersA long-range duel was fought between opposing batteries Aggros 105's got the better of Starns Nebelwerfers. However Starn went on the offensive on both wings and killed 4 out of 7 of Aggros platoons. Aggro failed his company morale and Starn won 5-2. That makes back-to-back wins for Starn leading up to the Floreat tournament.People who wish to participate in the tournament must bring their 1600pt army list using Africa or Ostfront with the current corrections by the 1st round draw next week Tuesday the 1st of August.It will be a random draw round robin tournament draw will be done and players need to organise to play their round within 2 weeks after their opponent has been drawn.

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