Monday, July 31, 2006

Hadspen HQ 31/07/06

Starn & Chris had a practice game for the up coming Tourneys and to get more familiar with version 2 rules.V2 EncounterStarn 1600pts Russian Infantry vs Chris 1500pts DAK Grenadier Marsche Company.

Starn deployed his HQ on the right, Strelk 1 in centre protecting an objective, Strelk 2 left side supported by 76mm guns.The Dak left had a Platoon of Grenadiers (Confident trained) attached HMGs & C in C, mortars & 105's in the centre partially concealed by a hill, 2nd grenadiers on right.Both sides had air.The Dak artillery & mortars made a mess of the 76mm Russian guns which vapourised after 3 turns.The Russians got lots of air but it had limited effect killing a mortar.The Dak air likewise was fairly in effectual, Chris wasted 3 dice on failed interceptions. But the air came good and helped polish off a Matilda platoon combined with the F 8's.

The long range duel suited the Germans so the Russians started to advance with fresh reserves on the table. The Dak HMGs and rifle MGs blew away the 2 understrength Strelks with the help of the artillery & mortars. The Dak lost a pioneer rifle platoon in the process.The Stugs turned their attention to the Su 122's. Russian air killed a Stug but the remaining Stug with the help of artillery and air support eventually polished off the Su 122's.The Dak advanced on the right objective and took it before the russians failed company morale.5-2 win to the DAk.

Post mortem: The Encounter Scenario reduces the Russians effectiveness, as it is harder for them to concentrate their forces for an attack. Early in the game the DAk left was weak but 2 reserves eventually came on to make it the stronger wing. Dak trained troops took a while to get used to not as reliable.

The rules went fairly smoothly but it was sometimes difficult to place the Planes. Starn and Chris both got lucky and got 3 planes at times but these couldnt be placed to close to the table sides or you lose one of the flanking aircraft. The edge effect of the table good to deploy troops on.By coming on from the opponents end of the table helped prevent the planes being to close to your own toops (ie :aborting their attack).

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