Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fort Floriet 18/07/06

Fort Floreat Report 18th July 2006

Seven takers this week, we had a crack at the version 2 rules, which played pretty well.

Table 1. Meeting Engagement
1500pts Russian Horde Matt & Chris vs. 1500pts Grenadiers James Scott & Aggro

The game played smoothly, the Germans attached Pak 40’s to 1 grenadier and HMGs to the other. With 430pts spent on Brumbars it was always going to be a tough ask.

The Russians sent a Strelk up each flank with Mortars supporting in the middle. The Germans tried to stop the Strelk on the right with the 105’s killing a few stands then switched to the Strelk on the right then finally attacked the Mortars.

The Russian mortars pinned the German infantry on the Russian left, and the Strelk finished off the Grenadiers with some hot dice from Matt. The Brumbars had come on and tried to contest the German vacant right objective but were beaten back by the Strelk with sappers losing a bailed Brumbar and the game.

Table 2. Starn 1500pts Russian Infantry vs. Doug 1500pts German Panzer Grenadiers (with Remer).

Game 1.
Starn got overrun in the first game by Remer who assaulted with halftracks and Tigers as AT support. Remer’s boys went in hard 2+ to kill each stand and demolished the Russians taking the objective.

Game 2.
Doug and Starn had a re match in which Starn snuck over the line dislodging the Mortar platoon on the objective. A very bloody encounter in which Starn lost his 5 Matildas and managed to destroy Doug’s 2 Tigers, using his 57mm AT guns.

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