Thursday, July 13, 2006

Fort Floriet 11/07/06

Fort Floreat Report 11/7/2006

Five turned up including Doug, Aggro, Chris, James S & a new interested player Matt.We decided to play a free for all armour game as not everyone had the new rules and to teach James & Matt the armour warfare.It's a fun little scenario where you each players starts with a tank rolled from the table on the FOW website.Matt & James started with Crusader II's, Aggro a Sd Kfz 222, Chris Sdkfz223 & Doug a Panzer II.The idea is to kill as many of the opponent's tanks as possible, if you die you re-spawn by rolling again on the table.First person to 6 kills was declared the winner James & Matt got out to an early lead but then both died and came back as KV 1's.Aggro sat out of range and then bailed for 4 or 5 turns while the others fought it out.Chris died and came back as a Panzer IV F1 and shot up the Crusaders. Doug died and came back as a Panzer III J (early).The battlefield was covered in smoking wrecks after an hour or 2, but when Doug died and came back as a Ferdinand it was game over. He polished off 2 KV's, an Su 76, Su 122 and a T34 85. Outdoing Chris's Sturmi (Stug G) which had brewed up 4 tanks.A bit of fun for new players as well as old and a good way of getting used to the Version 2 AFV characteristics.

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