Thursday, July 13, 2006

Camp Cromwell 13/07/06

Tunisia Campaign Battle at D3

The DAK (2 Steves) again tried to delay the US (Nick, MarkO, Pete) advance. This time on their old front line with minefields & wire.
The DAK had to stay on the table for 6 turns to prevent the US advancing another hex towards Ouseefa.
Already depleted by previous battles, with only 2 Lancias coming as reserves and just one little a/tank gun, the DAK were always in trouble. They lacked the firepower to hurt the enemy as they gapped the wire & minefields, and when they cut and ran, many were cut down before they could escape. The Lancias held off the RAF pretty well, but one was picked off by artillery and the other rushed by a Honey.
The DAK got one platoon away to C4 intact plus some bits of the rest.
The US lost 2 recon on the minefields & 1 rifle team shot.

We used the V2 rules. This caused much flipping thru the book, but generally the changes met with approval. The air achieved bugger all, but then they didn't have good targets & the one juicy target could fire back.

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