Sunday, July 09, 2006

Camp Cromwell 06/07/06

Camp Cromwell on Thursday: Tunisia Campaign Battle at Guettar

With both tables already in use for camapign battles likely to be resumed, we put one of Nick's 6x4 foam tables over the pass battlefield table packed up to bridge over everything.

DAK: 2 Steves.
US: Nick & Pete.
Refs: Jim & MarkO.

A DAK pinning action against the US Armour.
The DAK had to stand for 3 turns to ensure that the US were pinned & not able to intervene in E6.
The US recon found a gap in the Allied minefields for the Shermans to advance through.
The Dianas took out a Honey & a TD jeep before getting smothered.
The DAK also lost all their a/tank and a mortar before slipping away.

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