Friday, June 30, 2006

Fort Floriet 27/06/06

Fort Floreat Bulletin 27/6/2006
Four takers tonight Doug, Aggro James Scott & Chris

FFA 1500pts (Referees Chris & Doug: no yellow cards issued)
Aggro German Grenadiers vs. James S Brat Light Armour

Both sides had 100pts of air power Hurricanes vs. Me 109’s.

Germans set up 1 grenadier platoon in town near their right objective supported by 105 battery, 2 Pak 38’s & 3 Brumbars near centre helping cover left objective, 2nd grenadiers & command in scrub 12cm from left objective.
The British set up 4x platoons Crusader III’s, 1 grant platoon and 3 bugs near British (right i.e.: German left).

Turn 1: Germans had first turn 105’s ranged in killing 2 bugs (the 3rd failed morale & scarpered) and bailing a Crusader while the Brumbars advanced left of centre.
The British ducked for cover while the Grants bailed a Brumbar.

Turn 2: The Germans got 3 planes (Aggros hot dice) and with the help of the Brumbars and artillery wiped out the Grants and a crusader platoon. Things were not looking good for the British.

Turn 3: The Germans got more air (2 planes), which although it wasn’t intercepted attacked the Germans own troops, but was waved off by frantic Brumbar tank crews.
The British managed to get some side shots on the Brumbars killing 2 out of 3 the 3rd passed morale.

Turn 4: German artillery bailed a Crusader.
The British 3 planes of their own payback time! They all tried to get the Brumbars but 2 flights ended up acquiring the 105’s instead, killing 2 guns. The final Brumbar was killed and Aggros dice were going cold.

Turn 5: Things had swung in the British’s favour the 105’s did nothing being a half battery now and re rolling hits. Some British tanks moved to take the Germans left objective and shot up a stand of Grenadiers in the nearby scrub.

Turn 6: Aggro realised that the British left hand objective was vacant and advanced his grenadiers on the double. His 2nd grenadiers advanced in the scrub to contest the left objective.

Turn 7: The British armour slowly shot the Grenadiers out of the scrub. So the remaining Crusaders shot and assaulted to get uncontested control of the objective.

Turn 8/9: The Germans counter attacked assaulting the Crusaders on the objective but failed morale after killing one. However there was only 1 tank left holding the objective and if it failed morale the Germans would win on their next turn. The Germans had advanced and were holding the other objective.
Games don’t get any closer 4, 5, or 6 and the British win but no James rolled a 2!

5-2 win, to the Germans a nail biter in the end.

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