Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hillcrest HQ 04/06/06

Cameron and Tristan vs Nick and Alex

Mage Knight, 300 points a side. Using Cameron's custom terrain.

Alex bought out his birthday present -- a 260 point beast in the skyguard griffen. Tristan had an army of hordes.

The Griffen moved up to do battle. A bunch of wood things approached -- and the griffen mowed them down with devestating arrow fire (see picture). Unfortunately, the 'red baroness' with gatling guns behind the wood 'things' then openned up and did serious damage. Alex could have pushed foward, but he decided to retreat and maneuver for a flank. While a good move, the baronesses (what is the plural for baroness?) managed to maneuver as well. The Griffen came from behind a hill, and proceeded to miss when shooting at the baroneese. They then replied, killed the griffen, and it was game over.

A fun quick game. Mage knight is fun for kids!!!

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