Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Fort Floriet 25/04/06

Four players for ANZAC day. Starn and I started early as others weren’t going to show then did.

Meeting engagement. Starn Russian Infantry vs. Chris DAK Recon.
Deployment 4 platoons each on the table.

Russians: Matildas on the right, then Su 122’s infantry coy left of centre and 57mm AT guns on the left
DAK: Aufklarungsschwadron on bikes in town opposite Matildas, 25pdr half battery centre, Panzers to the right of 25prs, Dianna’s to the left of 25pdrs. See map.

Turn 1: The Dak won the dice off and attacked first. The 25pounders ranged in on the AT platoon no damage. The F1 ranged in on the infantry and killed a stand.
Russians advanced on right to engage the Dianna’s, which were still out of range. AT guns and infantry tried to dive for cover.

Turn 2: The 25 pounders took out 2 AT guns & f1 missed. One reserve for the Dak came on the right & joined the Auflak in a charge up the right. With nothing on this right hand objective it was full steam ahead, both double moving.
Russians got a mortar platoon from reserve, the AT guns tried to kill a bike no luck. Matildas and SU’s came forward shot up a Diana.

Turn 3: Things looked grim on the Russian left the first bike platoon grabbed the objective. Two more DAK reserves both came on in the right place and pushed up the right double moving.
Two more reserves for the Russians on the needed left flank. The Russian mortars and AT guns blew away the bikes on the objective the remaining bikes failed morale and scarpered.

Turn 4: The second lot of bikes got onto the objective, the 25pounders pinned a reserve. Three more stands of Russian infantry died. The Russians couldn’t unpin to get to the objective in time so tried to blow away the 2nd lot of bikes no luck. Win to Rommel’s Recon 5-2. Making it 3 from 3 for Rommel’s boys! Iron Crosses all round.

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