Thursday, April 27, 2006

Camp Cromwell 26/04/06

Jim's Paracadutisti v. SteveP's Russian Guards in a 200 pts Breakthrough.
Ities chose to defend on the 8x6 table set up for the Campaign.

Steve sent his 5T34s on the flanking mission. His artilllery sat back almost out of sight to bombard. His 1st Guards attacked the closest objective directly, the 2nd Guards advanced on the left flank to attack the Ities supports and draw their fire off the main attack.
The 2nd guards suceeded in drawing fire, but got pinned down, lost their commisar, refused to get moving and got whittled away. They finally got going again, but too late, none survived to assault anyone.The 1st guards swamped the 1st Paras, but the 2nd Paras behind them counterattacked and all but destroyed them. The surviviors fell back & dug in.
The T34s arrived early, they declined to take on the Guastatori on the far objective and went to support the attack on the other one. They mowed down the 3rd Paras, but the 90/53 got 2 of them before they got to cover & the infantry attack was beaten off before they could support it.
The battle was now a stalemate with the T34s skuling behind a wood whwere the 90/53's & artillery observers couldn't see them and the Pars hidding on the other side where the T34s couldn't mg them without exposing themselves.
The Russians hoped for their Sturmos to break the deadlock. They came often, but mostly, if found targets, they got shot down by the 90/53s. Once they attacked they wrong guys and popped a T34.
The Ities way out was to attack everything that wasn't a T34. Tgier HMG & mortar platoons became infantry and were sent off to attack. The Russian artillery & Sturmos stopped the HMGs, but not the mortar men who overran them. Only the HMG HQ survived but it attacked the Russian HQ single handed and killed it. The T34s were whittling away the Paras on the objective, but Army Morale failure ended the battle. The Russians were reduced to just 2 T34s by then.

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