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Rommel's Recon to Hobart 13-15/04/06

Rommel’s Recon run rampant!

Thursday night at Camp Cromwell Battle report. 13th April 1943

1500pt DAK Recon Chris vs. 1500pt Death or Glory force Mark in a free for all.

While scouting ahead of the main army Rommel’s Recon Company ran headlong into a Death or Glory tank army.

Deployment: The Brats deployed an infantry platoon & 3 Lees on their right hand objective on top of a hill.
The brat left was 3 valentine platoons, 1x Crusader 3, Valentine command, portees and a trucked infantry platoon below an opposing hill..

Opposing the Brat centre and right was a 25pder battery Recon armoured car platoon and an Auflak platoon on BMWs. The DAK centre had a mortar platoon. The DAK right had a Carri platoon, Dianna’s (on a flat top hill) and 8 rad armoured cars. With 3x Pak 38’s on the objective.

The brat armour attacked over the hill on the left catching the DAK by surprise with the speed of the advance. The inevitable happened with the loss of 1 valentine, 3 crusaders & the portees, 7 Valentines survived after destroying the Carri & Dianna’s.

The 25pounders got a lucky hit killing the infantry platoon commander on the brats right pinning the platoon for the rest of the game as it turned out. The Lees were bailed or bogged (while trying to go down the steep hill) for most of the game.

While this was happening the armoured cars & motorbike platoon swept up the left and around the back. They machine gunned the trucks and broke the infantry on the Brats right.

The bike platoon assaulted the Lees killing the platoon commander.
The DAK armoured cars dashed for the objective under a hail of ATR shots and Lee’s 37mm guns. The recon captured the objective just in time!

The valentines meanwhile pushed on overrunning the pak38’s and taking the objective a turn to late.

A close run game 4-3 win to Chris with the DAK Recon.

Hillcrest HQ Friday Night 14th April 1943

After their narrow escape the night before Rommel’s Recon Company (Chris) encountered US infantry led by General Nick (runner up in our club Tournament).

1500pt DAK Recon vs. 1500pt US infantry Meeting Engagement Scenario

Nick deployed his 105’s on the right, Stuarts behind a hill in front of the 105’s, infantry platoon behind the right hand objective AT guns split in half 2 protecting each objective and an HMG platoon helping cover Nicks left objective.

Rommel’s recon heavy armoured cars opposite the USA’s right, 25ponders in the centre, 8 rads in front of 25pdrs and 222’s to the right.

Chris’s plan take out the AT on Nicks left then send the recon to take the objective under cover of a hill which prevented Nicks centre supporting his left flank.

What actually happened!

Nick was the attacker and advanced his Stuarts to engage the heavy armoured cars his infantry displaced the 8 rads and dug in on the right objective. No reinforcements for the DAK until turn 3. The heavy armoured cars hung on and the Dianna’s finished off the Stuarts. Nick double moved infantry reserve up the right side of the table which was killed by a DAK reserve which came on..

The following turn Chris made the same mistake doubling up the USA right flank to be almost destroyed surviving a morale check.

By turn 5 the AT guns had been cleared off the USA’s left so the Diannas and Recon zoomed off and took the objective with little resistance. 6-1 win to the DAK.

Post mortem: Nick committed the Stuarts to decide the battle and things would have been tight if they had prevailed. Nicks left was always looking weak but the AT guns prevented the Recon getting their until turn 6.

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