Friday, April 21, 2006

Camp Cromwell Thursday 20/04/06

Tunisian Campaign

The Tunisian Campaign is under way.
Axis: Chris, SteveJ, SteveP, Anders.
Allies: Nick, Barrie, MarkO, MarkW, PeterM
Currently the two Command Teams are formulating their plans. The Allies had a Council of War here tonight & CoC Nick is now documenting the plan.
I hope the Axis are working on theirs.

Saturday morning at Camp Cromwell

Chris' 2000 pt DAK v. Jim's 1500 pt Indians in a Fuel Shortage scenario on half of the Mahrajah GF table.

Ths scenario has the defenders holding 3 fuel dumps in their 2/3 of the table. The defenders are dug in & have 1 ambush but the attackers have 33% more points. The game lasts 8 turns, the attackers have to take 2 dumps to win a minor victory, or 3 for a major. The defenders hold all for a major win, lose 1 for a minor. The DAK had 4 MkIIIs, 4 MkIVs, 3 Panzergrenadier platoons, weapons platoon & 2 8-rads. The Indians had 3 infantry, hmgs, mortars, bugs, 6pdrs & 25pdrs.

Chris used his armoured cars well to limit options for the 6pdr ambush. The MkIVs all but destroyed the Indians on the 1st objective but failed morale & fell back. This left an opening for the 6pdrs to drop down in cover. They got lucky & wiped the lot. The DAK infantry supported by the MkIIIs over-ran the right flank Indian infantry & should have rolled over the 6pdrs, but more good shooting stopped them. The MkIII finished the 6pdrs off, took the 1st dump and pushed for the 2nd as time ran out. The Indian's sticky bombs stopped them, the bugs retook the 1st objective and mortar, hmg & bug fire forced an impossible-to-pass army morale test.

A big win for the defenders, but Chris didn't coordinate his attack as well as he might have & had some bad luck at critical times. So we think it's an ok scenario with both sides a chance as long as they have appropriate armies.

Thursday at Camp Cromwell

Free for all on 8x6 table (same table as MarkW & Chris used last week).
1500 pts Fucilieri + 1500 pts DAK Panzer (Jim + Barrie + Nick)
2 x 1500 pts Russian Infantry (SteveP, MarkO & MarkW)

Mark sent a human wave down the Russian left flank. Nick's Fucilieri hunkered down behind a hill and waited for the storm.
SteveP's advance on the other flank was stopped by Barrie's artillery, Fucilieiri & little guns.
In the centre Jim's Panzers supported by Itie mortars laying bulk smoke played cat & mouse with MarkW's T34s, KVs & a/tank guns.
MarkO's Russian wave looked awesome, but so was the firepower of Itie light mortars. The attack staggered and a Panzer platoon arrived in the nick of time to complete it's destruction.
Barrie was by now mounting a counterattack on the other flank while the Panzers, having got rid of the T34s, tried to keep the KVs busy without getting destroyed. The KVs were too powerfull though & the Panzers were whittled away But they had done their job, the Itie 105s pinned & weakened the powerfull Russian battery enough for one Fucilieri platoon (barely over half strength) to stagger onto an objective and win the battle before the KVs could get to one of their objectives.

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