Friday, April 07, 2006

Camp Cromwell 06/04/06

SteveJ's Falshirmjager v. Barrie's US Inf in a 2000 Death from Above on the big table (decided by the Mission dice).
Barrie suffered from a deployment mistake leaving on objective rather isolated & defended by just one small GI platoon. But the Huns made heavy work of it. The GIs repelled the first attack & US reserves kept coming on at the right end of the table & kept the pressure on. The Henshells came often - but not on the two turns when the US presented the best targets - they inflicted annoying but not decisive damage. Steve took the objective but Barrie killed everyone before they could claim victory as the Shermans came on in just the right spot. The Shermans stormed to the objective and won the battle.
Barrie spent almost the whole battle convinced he was doomed, but in the end he was saved by the fact that his reserves came on reasonably soon and always in the right spot.

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