Friday, April 14, 2006

Acton Armoury 09/04/06

Jim's Carri v. Barrie's US Infantry. 2000 pts Hold the LIne, Italians attacking on Tunisian terrain.
A shameless practice battle for the Mahrajah 2005 GF.
The tin swarm rushed forward. The a/tank guns came out of ambush & knocked out some, but not enough.
The massed firepower of the armour mudered one a/tank platoon, the Itie artillery smoked & blasted the other.
The swarm over-ran the GIs on the objective.
The Shermans came up, smashed a lot of tin cans, but to retake the objective had to move in range of the 90/53's and expose their rears to Itie pop guns - lots of Ronsons & game over.

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