Friday, January 20, 2006

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 19/01/06

Monday at Camp Cromwell

James' DAK defending v. Renfrey's Oz Inf in Hold the Line
When the inevitable 88 ambush took out the Valentines it looked grim for Oz.
But they pressed on & the tide turned a bit.
James' advanced his Dianas too far & they were destroyed by well placed 6pdr portees & infantry, while the 25pdrs screened off the Hun HMGs & the Oz HMGs took out the 88s.
The Hun Grenadiers launched counterattacks on both flanks. Both looked good moves, one was on a pinned platoon, the other a flank attack, but the Fearless Vets weathered both attacks, though one platoon was down to 1 base.
Then Renfrey's renewed attack on the right rolled the remnants of the Paks & 88s and pushed the Germans to an army morale test - which they failed.
Both sides had limited air. The RAF came 5 times, 3 times it was intercepted, twice it couldn't find a target. The Luftwaffe didn't show up on the battlefield at all. So much for airpower.
A narrow 4:3 win to Oz.

Thursday at Camp Cromwell

Jim & Renfrey Fucilieri v. SteveP's Russians - SteveP defending the Cauldron
The Kvs sat invincible on one objective while the Ities threw the kitchen sink at the other one.
Forced to counterattack, the Ivan infanty left their trenches and were mown down.
A Fucileri platoon staggered onto the objective and bayonetted the wounded to secure victory.

MarkI's DAK v.SteveJ's US Mechanised- SteveJ defending a Hold the Line
MarkI lost huge casualties as most of his platoons were reduced to 1 team sculkimg in the woods, but the 88's still had the objective in their Zone of Death and his recon managed to survive US fire to hold on to it for a turn & win the game.

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