Thursday, December 15, 2005

Fort Floriet 13/12/05

Game 1:

Chris' Fins v. Jim's Russian Infantry. Hold the line, Russians defending in snowy ground.
The Fins started well with a cautious advance until the T34s appeared out of ambush & decimated 2 infantry platoons.
But the Ivans got overconfident and suddenly discovered how nasty Late model Stugs & Finish Infantry with Molotov Cocktails can be.
The T34s evaporated and suddenly the Fins were on top.
A desperate Russian counterack helped by bogging rolls in the snow took out the Stugs, but the Russians were too badly weakened to win.
It was a slow death as the Fins advanced their A/tank guns & mortars to finish off the last resistance.
As we started off on the premiss of having a quick game from an early start to see how a time limit would affect a HTL, the Russians dubiously claimed victory 2 times (still holding objectives after 1.5 hours and then 2.5 hours) for one defeat (after 3 hours).

Game 2:

Doug's Fins v. Chris's Russians. Another Russian defence HTL in the snow.
Doug brought his own Fins - based for other rules & with some ring-ins, but still serviceable.
Chris put up a tight defence. Doug did well for a beginner (with some rules advice from the Italian attachee), but the KV's were too much for him in the end.

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