Friday, November 10, 2006

Camp Cromwell Tuesday 07/11/06

SteveP's Strelkovy v. Jim's Panzers - 2000pts Cauldron Russians defending. MarkW advising.
The deployment dice allowed the Germans to make a concentrated deployment at one end of the table. The Russians made a juicy area target with a big Strelkovy & a GOW battery crammed into a 80cm circle.

The Germans were content to bombard with Neblewefers, MkIVF1s & Stukas while waiting for their reserves. The dominant feature of the tabel was a railway embankment clipping the side of the Russian deployment zone. After clearing the Russians defending the embankment the Germans advanced.

At this point Mark kindly pointed out kindly pointed out that it was Steve's Turn 6 & there were no germans within 40cm of an objective. The Germans has misremembered that they had until their turn 6 to get there - there MkIVGs had only moved about 15cm last turn & were just 5cm too far away. Steve gleefully claimed victory. The Germans conceeded a cheezy victory but demanded to fight on.

Russian infantry reserves came on and swarmed over a hill at the Nebels & got the hq, obs & 1 tube before they were mown down by the AA, AC & MkIVF1s. The KVs moved up to give battle but the MkIVGs just slaughtered them. His SUs engaged the MkIIIs & got but one before they evaporated in a storm of 50mm fire. Then the Panzers lined up at the embankment & simply blew the Ivans away.

Airpower was singly ineffective. The Sturmos got 1 MkIV & an AA (the German AA couldn't hit a barn) - but they made them spread out and slowed my advance. The Stukas got just 1 gun.

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