Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fort Floreat 28/11/2006

Aggro, Doug, Chris, James L & Nick (8th Army) attended. The unreliable Ities didn't show.

Breakthrough in Tunisia
James L 1500pts British Light Squadron vs. Aggro 1500pts Grenadiers

Aggro deployed all his troops on the table 2 88's centrally placed, a grenadier in scrub on the left and a grenadier on a rocky ridge on the right. The Tigers were on the start line ready to cover the objectives. The British deployed 10 Honeys on the right and 6 Shermans hull down on the rocky ridge facing the 88's. Two platoons of Honeys in reserve.

Turn 1: The British realised that the only way to win the game was to force a company morale check by killing all but the Tigers. So the Honeys shot at then assaulted the Grenadiers in the scrub. One Honey bogged on the way in but the grenadiers lost a stand before retreating. The Shermans tried to shoot the 88's but needed 7's to hit so retreated instead 1 bogging on the ridge. The Tigers moved across over the next 3 turns to place themselves between the 2 objectives.

Turns 2, 3 & 4: The Honeys eventually killed the grenadiers in the scrub only losing 1 tank in the process. The first Honey Reserve arrived but was killed by the Tigers.

Turn 5: The 6 Shermans attacked the 88's from the front and 3 Honeys from the rear killing the 2 guns the command team failed morale and fled the field. The 2nd Honey Reserve drew some fire away from this situation but died the British lost their second platoon 2 lost each.

Turn 6: The British were within 40cm of an objective and the Shermans with 2 Honeys moved in for the kill against the other grenadiers. The Tigers popped a third Honey Platoon.

Turn 7: The Shermans assaulted and put the Grenadiers below half strength even with the re roll the Germans ran C in C included. The Tigers auto failed company morale and a close win to the British (losing 3 platoons out of 7). 4-3 Win to James L.


Nick said...

I think under the foxhole rules, 88's are not concealed when dug in -- they would have to be in concealing terrain.

Anonymous said...

The 88's were behind a ridge so concealed to the Shermans, but not concealed from the Honeys who hit them in the rear.