Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Fort Floreat Report 21-11-2006

The hot weather brought the players out of the woodwork with Chris, Aggro, Doug, Mike, James L & the French's Gary, Ben & Matt in attendance. The Italians had arrived in force!

Game 1 Free for All 1500pts. Chris Referee
James L British Armour vs. Matt French & Mike Cole Italian Bersaligari

Italians had limited Air Stukas.

Deployment: The Italians deployed 1 Bersaligari platoon in the village on their right objective, with covering fire from the 47mm AT guns & 88's & C in C in support. Deployed on the left hand objective the 2nd Bersaligari, with 105's & Semmos in support. A platoon of motorcyclisti was in the depression on the far left. The British had 3 Shermans on the right supported by 3 Honeys, 9 Honeys and 3 2pounders centre & 3 Shermans + 3 Honeys on the left.

Turn 1: The Italians dug in waiting for the onslaught.The British did very little under the reluctant British Commander.

Turn 2: Italian Air (Stukas) arrived attacking the bunched up Honeys killing 4 ouch! The Italian artillery killed another exposed Honey. Two of the Honey platoons failed Morale and things were looking bad for the British. The British sat tight? The Commander was about to be court marshalled!

Turn 3: More Air and another Honey unit down to 1 but it passed its morale check, the artillery got another Honey from the 4th platoon, The British survivors were spurred into action and advanced using cover 3 Shermans on the left were hull down and with the 3 on the right & 3 remaining Honeys took on the AT guns killing an 88.

Turn 4: No Air for the Ities. The AT guns bailed up 3 Shermans and killed another Honey. The Brits unbailed a Sherman & returned fire getting the other 88 the command team passed morale and the sole survivor withdrew graciously from the field.

Turn 5: The motorcyclisti double moved behind scrub to approach the British right objective. The artillery failed to do damage, as did the 47mm AT guns. The Semmos flanked the Honeys with in infantry support but failed to hurt them. The infantry failed their tank terror test to finish the 2 Honeys off.

Turn 6: The British armour popped another AT gun & a lucky Sherman killed 2 Semmos the remaining 1 failed morale and fled the field. The Italian motorcyclisti dismounted and were on the objective!

Turn 7: The 2 remaining Honeys managed to get within contesting distance of the objective. The Italians got air, which started killing 2 pounders. The artillery blew the 2 honeys off the objective and the British were on half strength.

Turn 8,9 & 10: The Shermans on the British right were forced back to defend the objective while the other 3 Shermans started killing infantry. The Italians eventually killed the 2pounders and the British failed Company moral a 5-2 win to the Ities.

Post Mortem: In spite of everything the British Shermans were almost untouchable and almost won the game but failed to finish off the Bersaligari on the objective.

Game 2: Hold the Line 1500pts
Doug French defending vs. Aggro Grenadiers
A win to the Frogs! The Germans took an objective but were bounced off by too much firepower.

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