Friday, December 08, 2006

Camp Cromwell 07/12/06

SteveJ's US Mech v. Jim's Panzers
2000 pts Cauldron, US defending on same table as Nick & Chris used last week.

The battle started with 2 US Inf platoons dug in on the objectives & 5 Shermans in Immediate Ambush. The Huns had Neblewerfers safe on the mountaintop & 3 MkIIIs & 3 MkIVs hiding behind a hill from the ambush. The Huns got their 3 MkIV*s quick, but the US got their 5 Stuarts as well. Both advanced & it was tank v. tank. The Huns lost 2 MkIIs & 2 MkIVs, but destroyed the US armour completely.
The other 3 MkIIIs came on as did 2 US SP 105s. The Huns threw their 2nd MkIII platoon straight at the objective. They died throwing %$#&ing scorpions at Bazookas.
Very belatedly the Panzer Grenadiers arrived and the master race again charged the cowboys with fire support from the armour. They too died in a hail of scorpions (I've just got to get rid of those dice). With a surfeit of 105 & 37mm shells whistling about their ears, the Huns couldn't hang about and the remaining 2 tank platoons kept attacking. But the Yanks are tough nuts with all that fire support & with a good aggressive defence wore the Panzers down. Finally the MkIII platoon failed morale. The CIC had to join to save them. He failed too, leaving the Huns with just their 3 MkIV*s & Neblewerfers. 4 Platoons + HQ gone, so another US victory.

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Anonymous said...

I have always under estimated the power of the US 37mm antitank guns.(but it was jims ability to throw lots of scorpions with his commando dice that did it)