Sunday, December 17, 2006

Camp Cromwell 17/12/06

Maharajah 2006 Grand Final
SteveJ's Grenadiers v. Chri's Strelkovy in 2000 pts Free For All in the snow.
Steve's army was his usual 3 Grenadiers, HMGs, Mortars, Lt Guns, 105s, Pak 36s, Hortense(2) & 109s. Chris's had 3 Strelkovy plus Shtraf (all maxed), 10T70s, 4 SU76 & mortars.
A human wave swarmed forward with the tanks (slowed down by the snow) following up. The Germans desperately pumped lead at them but the wave seemed unstoppable. The Shtraf got to an objective and it looked like game over, but they threw a 1 for morale & had lost their Kommisar so they abandoned it giving the Germans a life. Meanwhile on the other flank the Ivans melted away under fire and were beaten off by Grenadier counterattacks. But the Hortenses kept getting bogged & were destroyed by Air attack so the SUs got to the objective the Shtraf had abandoned. The Germans had to force a Morale Test to save the Battle. The Grenadiers charged again - they finished off the last Infantry (yes they destroyed every one of those 4 Infantry Battalions! ) and charged on to take out 2 bogged T10s to force a morale test on them. If the T10s failed the Russians would fail Army Morale as their HQ had been destroyed with the infantry. It all came down to one dice - a 3+ for the Russians to win - and it came up 3! So Chris has won the Mahrajah Trophy for 2006 - the 7th different winner in the 12 years it has been going.

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