Thursday, December 14, 2006

Camp Cromwell 14/12/06

SteveJ's Grenadiers v. Jim's Strelkovy.

2000 pts FFA in the snow. The Russians initially advanced 3 Strelkovy abreast with KVs, SUs & T34s supporting the centre, but their right got hung up under mortar fire & they hunkered down behind a hill at least foring Steve to keep some troops on his left. The Russians continued the attack on their left & centre. The Germans had bad luck in not getting their right flank dug in which creating a weak spot on their line. The armour had a hard time in the snow, but the wide tracks helped a lot & they eventually made it to the objective and took it. The Grenadier's counterattack failed tank terror giving the Ruskies the battle.

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