Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Camp Cromwell 12/12/06

SteveP's Grenadiers v. Jim's indian Rifles

1500 pts HTL, Indians defending on 6x4 table.
The table was half the Tunisia table left over from Nick & Chris' Maharajah - the side with the mountain so the front was rather constricted. This limited the German line sof attack, but on the other hand made it easy for them to cut off Indian lines of fire & observation with smoke. The German advanced a small Platoon over the mountain on their right while 2 large Platoons attacked the objective directly. 105s & mortars provided smoke cover. Marders & Light AA follwed up.
The Indians deployed a Rifle Platoon on & to the right of the front objective. A 2nd Rifle to the left of the objective & up onto the mountain. 25pdrs were in ambush but brought on immediately to bombard the advance.
Covered by smoke, the Grenadiers on the German left got up close and over-ran the Indian Rifles opposing them.
The small Grenadier Platoon on the mountain were smashed by a 25 pdr Murder then finished off by an Indian counterattack. Those Indians then turned on the Grenadiers in the centre & mauled them. The Matildas arrived in time to retake the objective - protected from the Marders by a small hill. The Bugs then took over dealing with the infantry and the Matildas advanced with artillery support to take on the Marders. The 3rd Rifles arrived to finish off the last of the Grenadiers. The Marders had to advance to maintain teams over the centreline and they died under a hail of 2pdr fire from the Matildas. A hard fought win for the Indians.

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