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At Grigsy's 07/06/07

Your correspondant got an embedment assignment at Grigsey's to check out how the Kingston mob do it. They are a bit more organised than Camp Cromwell. The guys commit to turning up a few days beforehand and pairings are decided. They send their army lists to a 3rd party & are informed of what they are fighting. The terrain & mission are decided on the night, usually a standard mission by dice roll, but maybe a web mission by agreement.

Grigsey's war room is a huge space under the house & holds a full sized bilyard table (12'x6') with a good 5' all round - mostly filled up with an unholy mess of piles of terrain & troops. There was an awfull lot of late war stuff - an unhealthy obsession with big pussies was evident. This night the table was set up with three 6'x4' battlefields side by side. MarkW fought the Strolling Astronomer at one end - FJs defending in an Envelopment v. Mark's US Inf. Griggsey was in the middle attacking in a Late War Hold the Line with Grenadiers v. US Mech. Cptn Ghandhi's Indians fought Andrew's Grenadiers on the other end. There were 7 players present. Your correspondant was rather involved in his own war, so can only describe that action in any detail.

Cptn Ghandhi's Indian Rifles v. Andrew's Grenadiers
1500 pts Midwar Cauldron, Germans defending.
The table featured a large ruined town in the centre with scattered hills & woods all round.

The Bad Guys had 2 Infantry (+2HMG), and an Engineer deployed in the ruins & 3 superStugs in Immediate ambush. In reserve they had Neblewerfers, Infantry, Lt Inf Guns, HMGs & a Kampfgroup. The ruined town provided them with an ideal defensive position for their Cauldron.

Cptn Ghandhi was fortunate with his deployment rolls. 1 Inf rolled 2 & had a wood to deploy in close to an objective. The other 2 Inf rolled 4 where they had a wood close to the other objective to deploy in. The RA also threw 4 so could deploy on the side of the table away from enemy reinforcements. In reserve were Matildas, HMGs (in bugs), Bugs & Bofors.

The Stugs deployed in range of the RA & popped a gun. The Matildas came on 1st turn & the Indians immediately assaulted both objectives. On the left the Indian war cry put the Grenadiers right off their game & the tanks & Infantry took the objective. On the right the Germans were made of sterner stuff and stopped the attack with fire power.

The Stugs broke off from the RA & moved around the back of the town in a mission to retake the lost objective. The Indians consolidated in the ruins around the taken objective and renewed their assault on the other one. With Fearless Trained v. Conf Vets both with HQs attached it got very bloody. The 1st Indians died to a man, but the 2nd finished the job killing all the defenders (incl HQ).

At the end of turn 2 the Indians held both objectives, but they had to hold onto at least one of them until turn 6. The Engineers counterattacked the 2nd objective, finished off the 2nd Rifles but couldn't quite get to the Indian HQ behind them. The Stugs bailed a Matilda.

The Matildas decided they might as well die attacking the Engineers as be picked off by Stugs. They charged thru the town, attacked the Engineers & promptly died. The Indians got a better deal with reo than the Krauts, the HMGs & Bugs moving up to support the HQ on the objective. The Engineers were pinned down and stayed that way, but the Indians didn't have any Infantry available to finish them off either. The Stugs held off trying to soften up the Infantry as everyone got ready for turn 6. There was a bit of a side show as a Stug tried to take out the RA observer that was calling (so far ineffective, but scary) murders down on them. But the Stug got bogged in the wood & was destroyed by the observer's counterattack. The observer had 1 turn to contemplate his VC before the Grenadiers from reserve got him.

On their turn 5 the Indians had 2 chances to win the game next turn - either by taking out the Engineers or driving off the Stugs to gain undisputed posession of one or other of the objectives. The Engineers were attacked first. Supported by artillery & bugs, the HQ charged. They killed 2 of the 3 Engineers, the Indian 2IC died in the counterattack, but Cptn Ghandhi himself finished off the last Engineer to win the battle. The Germans had no troops able to dispute that objective (now held by the HMGs). The other Rifle Platoon didn't have to try charging out of cover at the Stugs. A very enjoyable hard fought 4:3 win to the Indians.

The centre table was technically a win for the defending US on the defender wins timed out games rule.
At the other end the Germans held off the Yanks comfortably.

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