Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Camp Cromwell 19/06/07


PeterM d. Mark with Nick officiating.

Greeks (Mark) vs Macedoneans (Peter) using Tactica.
Each side weighted their right flank and attempted a turning maneuver. The Greeks had nothing on their left to prevent the Macedoneans getting around that flank, but Mark masterfully maneuvered his hoplites to prevent the turning maneuver. Unfortunatly, in all the maneuvering the center forces stretched. The end result was two phalanx's of pikemen hit one phalanx of hoplites -- and next door two hoplite phalanx's hit one pike block. While there was much dancing on the flanks the brutal combat ground on in the middle. It all came down to who got initiative and decided which battle was resolved first in the center of the battleline. The Macedoneans won the initiative, did their battle first, and forced a morale check which the Greeks failed. So victory to Peter. But if Peter had lost the initiative dice the game would probably have gone the other way!


Jim's Indians v. Byron & SteveJ's Grenadiers.
1500 pts HTL Late War, Indians defending.

On turn 1, the Indian HMGs dropped out of ambush catching 2 Grenadier platoons double moving & virtually destroying them - so we started again.

This time the Germans advanced more cautiously while the 105s & mortars tried to soften the Indian position. The Indian reserves came on quickly & there was a game of ring-a-rosy around the woods between the 4 Stugs, 3 Churchills & 4 M10s. The 105's bailed a Churhill, then the Stugs pounced killed one & bailed the other. The Churchills failed morale. The M10s missed their shots at the Stugs & the Stugs and 105s then destroyed them. Things looked bad for the Indians now - their only armour being the Sextons.
Meanwhile, the Indian rifles & HMGs gave a good account of themselves v. the 2 Grenadier platoons in the centre. The Grenadiers holed up in a wood waiting for the left flanking Platoon to get the action.
The Stugs had lost 1 of their number in a fight with Infantry, but the 3 left still looked battlewinners until suddenly Cptn Ghandhi got lucky. One Stug got bailed by a Piat, then the Sextons hit them killing 1 & bailing the other. Like the Brit armour they failed morale & it was Game On again.
Both sides now had 1 sound infantry platoon, a few remnants and artillery. Nearly everyone then died leaving us quite confused about who won so we agreed to a draw.

Does a platoon still exist if all that survives is the attached observer ? If not the Germans had lost 4 of 6 + HQ so fail Coy Morale at the start of their next turn (which is next). If so, the Indians have lost 4 of 7 with 1 Sole Survivor retired but Coy HQ intact & have to test Coy Morale at start of their next turn. If they pass, they win because the Germans cannot get anyone past the table centreline (or do they win anyway because the mission victory condition counts first). If you know the answers, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys, I believe (from comments on the forum as well as in the rule book) that independant teams such as observers do not count toward the morale or effects on their parent platoon. They are also deployed independantly. Independant teams cannot hold objectives or ground in mission either (rulebook)

Sorry - looks like the Germans were 4 out of 6 down.


Anonymous said...

A close result.It could have gone either way.