Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fort Floriet 12/06/07

Seven people this week 4 from the thursday group.Game 1. Aggro DAK Panzers vs, French Doug Encounter 1500ptThe germans had lost by turn 3 when the 5 Shermans and 2 M 10 tank destroyers caused the germans to fail company morale.Game 2. Using the same forces as the first game a Hold the line was played with the DAK being beaten off before taking any objectves.The DAK need a more balanced force in order to overcome the superior Allied tanks.Game 3. James Bretonnian Knights vs. Ian EmpireThe better balanced Empire Army combined with a more experienced general enabled the Empire forces to sweep away the Knights who surendered on about turn 4. A massacre to ian's Empire.Game 4. Chris Hennessy High Elves vs. Damien Chaos (Tzench).The closest game of the night. The Elvish heavy cavalry defeated a unit of demons but were then hit in the flank by some chaos Knights.In the centre the elvish spears did ok supported by the Bolt throwers firing in support. However the Chaos infantry got the better of the fighting in the centre winning. The Chaos warriors then pursued into the warmachines destroying most of them. A solid victory! to Damiens Chaos troops.Game 5. Chris Raines Bretonnians vs. Ian's Empire (fought earlier in the day)This was a close battle which started well for Chris when his elite Grail Knights routed an unit of Empire Knights, however the Grail knights then got hit in the flank by Ogres which destroyed the grail Knights (sob sob 600pts) before the Ogres were killed themselves.The Bretonnian right flank eventually won defeating a unit of knights, Light Cavalry and some handgunners.A very close finish and Draw on points with the Bretonnians marginally ahead on points.

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