Friday, June 08, 2007

Camp Cromwell 05/06/07

Hit The Beach on 6'x6' table

US: Barrie's 1330 pts Rifles + SteveJ's 1330 pts Armoured Rifles
Mark & Dylan's 750 pts Grenadiers + Jim & James' 750 pt Grenadiers

The Preliminary Bombardment knocked the crap out of James' Infantry & the survivors were soon taken below half strength & failed morale. This left the German right with just a mortar platoon & an 88 bunker to hold off Steve's Coy. But once they unpinned, the mortars got the range on the crowds on the beach & kept them pinned down.
On the German right Dylan lost half his artillery but his front line stiffened by 2 tank bunkers & an Pak50 bunker made things hot for Barrie. Barrie's carfully timed landings (holding back the DDs until the engineers had cleared the wall) came a bit unstuck with multiple skill failures.

By the end of turn 8 Steve had finally made a gap in the wire and has 1 platoon over the sea wall. Barrie has a gap in the wall for the DDs, but all his troops that got over it has failed morale and fallen back.

The battle was adjurned until next week. The Germans position looked hopeless after the first couple of turns, but their bad luck on the bombardment saves was balanced by a lot US failures to unpin or demolish. The Germans still had enough firepower left to delay the GIs on the beach. The Germans have 1 small HMG platoon & a 3 Stug platoon to come on - a lot depends on how soon they arrive.

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