Thursday, May 31, 2007

Camp Cromwell 29/05/07

Edgehill 1642

King (SteveJ)
1 Musketeer CT LI
11 Pike & shot CU LI poorly armed
2 Dragoons CT LI
2 Lifeguards FV HC undisciplined
6 Heavy Cavalry CT HC undisciplined
3 Guns

Parliament (Barrie & Graig)
2 Musketeer CT LI
11 Pike & shot CU MI
2 Dragoons CT LI
8 Heavy Cavalry CU HC
3 Guns

Parliament deployed with their right refused and a strong centre.
The King also deployed with a strong centre but with cavalry & dragoons on both wings.

The battle started with an artillery duel that Parliament got the worst of while the King's left moved forward and around the Parliament right.
On their right the King charged with one brigade of horse while holding the Lifeguards back. As the cunning King had hoped, the parliamentary horse beat the forlorn hope, but couldn't stop their pursuit and were destroyed by the Lifeguards & pikement waiting behind.
In the centre, the King advanced to exploit the artillery's success, but the Parliament moved fresh troops forward to meet them.
On the Parliament right, the King's cavalry finally got into position to attack. The Roundheads couldn't stop them and were soon driven from the field.
Parliament had some success in defending the wood in the right centre, but in the centre their counterattack was petering out. When a brigade of the Kings' horse rallied on the table edge and formed up to return, the game was up for parliament.

The revised Camp Cromwell Rules seemed to work pretty well - still a few loose ends to tie up but the principles seem sound. Barrie pointed out that the troops were frustratingly ineffectual at times - but this was a product of the scenario - these were unusual armies in that they had reasonably high morale but had very little training & in the King's case were short of equipment as well. I'm sure Essex felt the same way as Barrie.

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