Thursday, May 17, 2007

Camp Cromwell 15/05/07

Hit The Beach: SteveP's Brits v. Barrie's Grenadiers

With an 88 bunker dominating the LH end of the beach Steve concentrated his attack at the other end. This produced overcrowding and lots of juicy targets. 2 DDs floundered, 2 got picked off by the Pak 50 bunker at that end of the beach. One AVRE strayed into 88 range & got blasted, but the other bridged the wall & took out the Pak Bunker. Finally the Brits broke through on the right, but the Germans got their reinforcements in good time & were ready for them. The last 2 DDs were taken out by artilllery bombardments & the last AVRE pinned by them. Brit rifles got to the rear objective, clearing the mortars from it, but the Germans had their reserves up to dispute it, clear them off, & make it a minor German victory.

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