Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fort Floreat 1/5/07

A night away from warhammer so another Floreat Report.

4 takers this week -- Chris Henessy not turning up 2 weeks in a row.

Game 1. Phased Withdrawal Doug Aussie infantry vs. Aggro DAK Panzers

Aggro attacking with his panzers took out the 3 Valentines and a couple of 25 pounders before being destroyed by the 6-pounder portees. Bad dice rolls didn't help the DAK but the German tanks didn't concentrate their attack enough to worry the Aussie lines. Easy win to the Aussies on turn 5 when the DAK failed their company morale.

Game 2. Free for All Chris DAK Panzers vs. James British Armour

The DAK defended their left objective with 1 platoon while they attacked on the right flank with 5 Carri, 3 F2's, 2 Panzer III's & Rettemeier. The DAK took out a Sherman and 3 Stuarts very quickly. The return fire destroyed 1 Carri and bailed 1, only with poor British dice. The Germans now had their full firepower and the Carri got into the rear. The rest of the Shermans dead and only 2 Honeys left. The 17 pounders managed to snipe a Panzer III, which strayed out of the cover of the forest. The DAK however finished off the 2nd last Honey while the survivor-failed moral and the British routed.

Easy Win to the DAK. DAK casualties 2 Carri and 1 Panzer III J. British Casualties 6 Shermans, 8 Honeys

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