Sunday, May 20, 2007

Book Review

Battle of Anzac Ridge by Peter Wiliams

We can now boast that we have a published author in our group. Peter's book looks at the first day of the Anzac landings in minute detail. Being Peter's work it has to have a debunking slant on the popular image of what happened, but he mounts most convincing arguements for his points of view. His wargaming background comes through strongly, he goes into many details that few historians bother with (most of them would have no idea of their significance). I found his descriptions of the action, though very detailed, much easier to follow than most writers can manage. The book is beautifully done in hardback - it smells good, has nice clear print for old eyes, the maps are clear and relevant, the pics and chapter quotes well chosen. Peter's wit pops up regularly and helps make it an enjoyable read. The book is also remarkable in the effort that Peter has taken to look at the campaign from both sides of the wire. I'm not surprised that there has been interest in publishing a Turkish edition. The book is available at Book City in Bathurst St ($42) and Dymocks in Centrepoint ($45). So go and buy a copy & encourage publishers to publish more miliary history by right thinkling authors.

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