Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Camp Cromwell 22/05/07

David & Craig Warhammer Ancients

Newcomers David & Craig brought small Warhammer Alexander period armies.
They chased each other around the table for a while but no-one could get a decisive advantage & they agreed to a draw.

SteveJ's Panzers v. Mark's Brit Rifles in FE 1500 pts Hold the Line

Mark had some good close terrain to defend, though the ground on the German side was fairly open.
The Brits had Churchills & M10's to support 3 grunts, 6pdrs, RA, mortars & HMGs.
The Huns had Panthers, MkIVs, Hummels & SP AA.
The Brit ambush of 6pdrs was singularly ineffective & the 6pdrs died under artillery & tank fire without acheiving anything.
A Panther was lost attacking the forward objective but the defenders were soon destroyed by gun fire.
The Brit armour came up but the Hummels blasted the open topped M10s & the long 75's picked off the Churchills.
The brit Infantry made a brave counterattack on the objective, but there were too many panzers and their cause was now hopeless.
A big win for SteveJ - total losses 1 Panther & 1 SPAA.

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