Friday, April 27, 2007

Camp Cromwell 26/04/07

Nick's Grenadiers defending the Beach v. Jim's British Rifles.

Grenadiers 1000pts = 3 Grens (1 small), HMG, Mortars & 105s.
Brits 1750pts in 2 Coys - a sneaky ploy to allow 2 Sherman Platoons - also 4 Rifles, Avres (with bridges), Engineers, HMGs, Heavy Mortars & Priests.
The hinterland was set up with lots of terrain, especially in the back half. So while the Germans had bocage to defend, they also had restricted fields of fire.
Nick put an 88 bunker well back on his left & a HMG bunker on his right protecting the front objective.
The Brits used the central village to hide their tanks from the 88 while infantry advanced on the left and took it out before swinging right to join a convergent attack on the rear objective. On Turn 9 a Rifle platoon took the objective. On turn 10 the tanks charged thru the bockage & despite 50% bogs destroyed the last Grenadier platoon to give uncontested posession. So finally, the Allies have won on the Beach ! It can be done !

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