Sunday, April 22, 2007

Area 52 22/04/07

Ancient Wargames at Area 52

Nick & Jim (& SteveJ for a while) attended an Ancients day at Area 52.

Nick took 15mm armies for Tactica. Others brought 25mm plastics for Warhammer Ancients.

We had a Tactica table & a Warhammer table & fought two battles on each.

There were 4 players & several interested spectators.


Jim's Arabs beat Nick's Sassanids.
Craig's Arabs beat Nick's Byzantines.

Warhammer Ancients:

David's Romans beat Graig's Spartans.
Jim's Roman's beat David's Barbarians.

It was my first time at Warhammer Ancients. Like Tactica the rules seem a bit weird at first, but have some good ideas. I found that protecting your flanks, charging the centre & throwing 6's works so they are not without merit.

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